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See What These Three Boys Did To A Reverend Father On The Altar That Got People Angry [Video]

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This article is about a video that is going viral online today being the 20th of July, 2020. The video is about an act most people see to be totally wrong, as three young men who obviously made money of recent was seen spraying money on the altar of God and on the priest without any caution or control.

Many people believe that the priest kept quiet because of his love for money, according to them Jesus Christ wouldn't tolerate this kind of act as he drove people out of the temple when he went to Jerusalem. See the video of what actually happened below;


After this video went viral on Instagram, it made many Instagram users angry including Celebrities like Jnr Pope and many other Instagram influencers. Jnr Pope said his mind on this issue, he said, "men of God these days are not after your soul making heaven, they are after your pockets to survive.

Pope jnr made this Comment because he saw this acts offensive and some sort of blasphemy to God and his altar, also because of the fact that the Reverend Father in question kept calm.

Another user also suggested that the boys could have met the priest privately to give him the money and not showing off on the altar of God. Some users didn't see anything wrong with their act as they said that they boys only came to show appreciation to God Almighty for lifting them out from poverty.

See some screenshots of their comments and reactions below.

So now to you reading this, is this act right or wrong to you, and what are your reasons for saying so.

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