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17 Cool Things You Can Do With A Rubber Band That You Probably Don't Know

Rubber band is simply a loop of rubber, commonly used for holding things together. Rubber bands are made from organic rubber because of the superior elasticity rubber offers. 

Many people especially ladies, limit the use of rubber bands for holding their hair after they most have packed it together. But I want to tell you that there are tones of cool things you can do with a rubber Band that you probably don't know.

Well, you are on the right page because today, I'll be sharing with you 17 cool things you can use a rubber band for. Without further waste of time, let's proceed.

17 cool things you can use a rubber band for. 

1. Prevent your spoon from sliding. In case your spoon use to slide down into the bowl or cup while taking your Garri or cornflakes, use a rubber band to tie the spoon handle. It will serve as obstruction that will prevent the spoon from sliding down.

2. You can use a rubber band to keep a loose zip up. Simple hook the rubber band to the zip handle and wrap it around the trouser button.

3. Keep short straw from sinking. When your straw is too short that it will sink completely into your bottle drink, tie a rubber band to the straw and further wrap it around the bottle neck. This will prevent the straw from sinking into the bottle.

4. Tie a rubber band around your tea cup in order to grip your tea bag and prevent it from falling into your tea.

5. TV remote grip: Incase your TV remote use to fall down from the table at the slightest push all the time, tie a rubber band at the top and bottom of the remote. This will increase the friction between the remote and the table which will in turn prevent it from falling at the slightest push. 

6. You can use rubber band to prevent picture from tilting all the time. Simple open the picture frame and place to or more rubber bands behind the picture, then fix the frame back.

7. You can use rubber bands to exercise your fingers 

8. You can use rubber bands to make yourself a cooking tong. Just join two folks together in this way and tie them work a rubber band, then you got yourself a cooking tong.

9. It can serve as an extension grip, for your trouser.

10. Wrap rubber bands around a plier to give you an automatic grip.

11. Wrap rubber band around a firm bottle cover to give you the necessary friction to open the bottle easily.

12. Rubber bands can serve as erasers for pencil mistakes.

13. You can use rubber bands to grip your phone to an object in order to take selfies.

14. You can use it to prevent your chopping board from slipping while chopping. Simply tie rubber bands around the top and bottom parts of your chopping board, just like we did for the remote in number 5.

15. You can use rubber band to prevent your USB cable from damage. Simply cut a small straw, cut it vertically open using a razor blade and wrap it around the edge of your USB mouth. Then use rubber band to tie it firmly 

16. You can use rubber band to easily flip pages of books. Simply tie it around the tip of the finger you use for flipping pages of books.

17. You can use rubber bands to keep pot lid while moving.

Hope you've learned something new Today. Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the day. 

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