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VIDEO: Man Confronts Widow Who Sold All The Items In The House He Gave Her After 2 Weeks

The SSA Entertainment to the Kogi State Governor who goes by the name Jumabee made a revelation on his page. He shared a video where he was questioning a woman who was seen begging on the road side with her children. He asked if she still recognized him but she said she didn't.

He then made a post explaining all that happened. According to him, last year while he was in London, he decided to celebrate his birthday in a special way. This made him decide to take a poor widow and her children from the street. He asked his men to get her an apartment and furnish it. However, just two weeks after, she sold everything in the apartment and moved out back to the streets to beg.

He also said that a charity organization reached out to him and exposed the woman. They told him that they also helped the woman and even sent her children to a private school, but she still sold the items in the house they gave her and withdrew her children from school. Jumabee concluded and said it appears that everything looks like a game to the woman, and he urged people to be careful about the people they help. Check out his post below.

Click Here to watch the video.

Source: Jumabee (Instagram)

Content created and supplied by: ThatBokiGuy (via Opera News )

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