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Ebira women are beautiful but before you marry them, here are things you need to know

Of a truth, Ebira women are beauty to behold. I have been with a couple of them and I can boldly tell you that they are extremely beautiful and their beauties can make one fall in love with them at first sight.

Note that the images used in this article are for illustrative purposes only.

One may wonder who these Ebira women are. Ebira tribe is found in Kogi State, Nigeria. This tribe, Ebira also spread across in other states in Nigeria like Ondo and Ekiti State. 

In as much as they are beautiful and attractive, there are things you need to know about them before you decide to marry from there.

This Ebira tribe with beautiful women are predominantly Muslims. They are devoted Muslims who find it difficult converting to another religion after being married to.

You know that in other tribes, if a man has an intention to marry a girl, he goes to the girl's family to seek for her hand in marriage.

But in this tribe in accordance with their tradition, it is not so. The family members of the man will do so for him. The man himself is not expected to go with them. 

When the family accepts, during the marriage introduction, there are items in the introductory rites that the in laws will provide. This is according to the choice of the bride's parents. They have upper hand to lessen the burden on the groom's family.

Here are some of the things that may be required: 100 Tubers of Yam, Dried Fish And Bush Meat, Drinks, Kolanut ,Palm Oil, Bag of Salt, Groundnut Oil. Jewelry and Adornment, Box which will contain clothing material for the bride.

These goods are shared to the neighbours and family members of the bride and they take in turns to pray for her and her husband. But these days, people are monetizing these aforementioned. 

Then the family of the bride will provide food and entertainment.

Bride Price is also determined by the bride's family. I love that they consider the groom's financial strength before billing him.

According to their tradition, there are certain money you that you may pay which you may not likely pay in other tribes. They are:

a. The money paid because the groom is attracted to bride is called OZEMEIYI

b. The money paid for the joining the couple's hands in marriage is called OTANUGOVEI

c. IDOZA is paid in place of helping the in-law on the farm as practiced in the olden days.

Those are the most important things you should know about Ebira women and their Marriage before you proceed to marrying them. 

All pictures used are for illustrative purposes.

Source: Cultourdigest, Ogavenue

Content created and supplied by: OnyiHoro (via Opera News )

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