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"I'm Not Bothered About Your Opinion Of Me" Actress Nkechi Blessing Fires Back At Trolls

There's a popular saying here in Nigeria, " you can't shame the shameless". It's so true,matter of fact,if you try it you'll end up embarrassing yourself.

They say the internet never forgets, I say social media helps us keep the record. But it seems our generation doesn't see that as a big deal.

Recently, tattoos have been trending. Fans are tattooing their favorites names on their bodies. That was how actress Nkechi Blessing ended up having issues with Bobrisky. Apparently Nkechi failed to appreciate a fan who tattooed her name and Bobrisky with his loud mouth had to troll.

The matter has been trending on social media. They have insulted themselves enough and now it seems Nkechi has given up on that fight. She revealed that trolls can't pay her bills.

She claims people's opinion about her can't pay her bills. Well that's true. People will always have an opinion about us. But we know who she's referring to exactly don't we. It's Bobrisky ofcourse. He's been trolling her and calling her names since days ago but we move. Bobrisky can't be shamed, because he's already shameless. A man that turned himself into a woman. What can pass that one?

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