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My answer to those who think they have outgrown cartoons

That's right.. You think u have grown.... Calling cartoons trash..People like you make me sick!!!

Welcome to my lecture of why to watch Cartoons with Chris.

Are you a tennager or Adult living in a world where.... sorry.. living in Nigeria where African Magic is the latest trend right now...I feel your pain too because I loved Chinese movies and cartoons all my Life only to be forced to watch a man prancing about like a monkey calling himself a herbalist... fighting with the so-called Children of God in one of the worst special effects have seen in my life coupled with 30 minutes of shouting, talking and chanting..No suspense... NOTHING!!!... because as I guessed..the herbalist losses and falls on the floor after being struck by Of-target thunder effect while the people jubilate...END

I don't just understand how a person prefers watching people just standing and performing all the action with their mouths (Nigeria films) to Cartoons...Like come on.. anything can happen in cartoons....From out of this world guns, characters, houses to Different sizes of vehicles...Cartoon has the most powerful object behind it which is Imagination..that the only limit is the person drawing.

One of the reasons I hear is that it's not for my age....Pls the people drawing and voice acting the cartoon are they children??

That's what my Dad always say...but he shines his teeth anytime he sees Kung Fu Panda on the TV screen.... that man day I will vex shoot him..

I can give a lot of things you learn from cartoons which are

You learn to Love

You learn to sing

You express emotions easily

You learn to laugh a lot

You even learn to Dance!!!!...if you can't cartoons in which dey dance a lot..u will learn a thing or two.

In realize anything can happen... You aren't tied down to watching some people talking and talking for 3 hours.

Research shows that adults from all over the world are greatly benefitted from watching cartoons. They teach us on how to deal with difficult and complex life situations in a much easier and better way.

The adults who watch cartoons find creative ways to deal with their everyday finance and managing skills

It keeps our mind creative and imaginative

As an individual, you begin to relate yourself with the cartoon characters. You try to build your personality by instilling the important traits that reflects your optimistic character and behavior. It helps us to differentiate between good and bad people, keeps us informative in the field of education and entertainment and other important fields.

My reasons why Nigerian films suck...

Over the years, Nigerian films have played to a sad script, making individuals leave it behind for foreign films.

Like am not even joking...a Nigerian films has barely even started and you would have guessed the ending already..only to find out you guessed right..

Have you ever been annoyed by a character’s performance in a film that you felt like a slap from you could teach them some acting lessons at least once or twice? It is a normal occurrence in Nigeria to find people screaming out of sheer frustration at the characters, telling them what to say and how to say it, one is left to wonder if there was casting done for these roles, at this point you are contemplating changing the channel and trying out a career in acting, at least you can not be as bad as these characters on TV( Indian film can be worse but at least it's entertaining)

No fake blood or handy blood tonic at the scene of a murder, a man admitted into a hospital for a head injury,his leg is bandaged. The lack of attention to details pile up to a bunch of hilarious mistakes that just keep you wondering how this film was still aired...

Am done..I just know cartoons are better than Nigerian films.. Don't even tell me that in Nigerian films you learn something because there is nothing new I have seen in Nigerian films.

The only good thing about actors in Nigeria is that they get money pass me..

Content created and supplied by: OnlyGamingChris (via Opera News )

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