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IS THIS LOVE? See conversation of a lady defending her boyfriend after beating her

This is a conversation of a lady making rounds on social media.

The lady who claimed to have been beaten by her boyfriend said she can't leave her boyfriend because she sees something in him.

Even when being advised by a friend to leave him because on no condition should a man lay his hands on a lady, she was adamant on staying with him because she thinks that he loves her and he is going to change, thereby creating the excuse that she is the one proving too stubborn to him sometimes.

See conversation below:

She even posted "NO MONKEY CAN COME IN BETWEEN OUR LOVE" just because her friend adviced her to leave the boyfriend.

How can a guy beat a lady three times in a week and the lady would still want to be with him?

So this brings us back to the question "Is this love"?

Ladies can you stay with a guy that lay hands on you no matter how much you love him?

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