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Meet Actress Uche Ogbodo's Daughter, Princess Mildred Who Is Also An Actress And A Model (PHOTOS)

Childbearing is one of the greatest thing that can happen to a woman and seeing the child growing graciously is a thing of joy. Children are blessings from God and most people are so lucky to be blessed by God with the fruit of the womb. Roughly 7 years ago, the Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo was conceiving her princess and 7 years after, she has all the reason to be happy due to the fact that she is blessed with a child.

Becoming a single mother was a though decision the Nollywood actress had to take after she was advised by her friends to abort the baby. When her daughter was 4, she took to her Instagram page to share how she almost gave in to people's advise and thanked God that she did not do what they said which would have led to the death of the baby she was conceiving and might also caused her own death.

She wrote:

"...Thank you for all you do for me my Angel, all you do that you might not know you do! I'm happy I didn't take the advice to abort you. I would have been long dead and buried by now too..."

Having a child out of wedlock is indeed not an easy thing to cope with, judging from the fact that one may become a laughing stock and also be stigmatized by others in the society, but Uche Ogbodo's case was different as she endured the backlash, side talks and gossip in order to successfully conceive and give birth to her beautiful princess after 9 months.

Princess Mildred Chinagorom Ogbodo is now a grown up lady who has taken my mother's path. She is not only an actress, but also a child model whose future is undoubtedly so bright. The product of what we see today is the decision her mother took 7 years ago and I am so sure she is not regretting why she kept her pregnancy.

That mother-and-daughter moment is what Uche Ogbodo does not fail to have with her daughter. She is always happy to have her by her side and her daughter too is proud to have such a nice and lovely mother who makes her happy and also gives her what she wants. They often snap pictures with matching outfits which make them to look so gorgeous.

Princess Mildred is growing in Grace and gradually achieving her goals in life, thanks to her mother's decision 7 years ago. This should be a lesson to all never to abort any baby, who knows, he/she might become so great in life and be a blessing to you.

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