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These Pictures Requires Second Look To Be Understood

Sometimes you have to take a second look at some pictures which might actually be different from how they look at the first sight. They can be very funny at times

Below are some of pictures of such

Blow scene

Don't be dirty minded it's not a blow job...she was probably packing her bag

Tallest giraffe's not as tall as that it was just sot at the right time

God of thunder

Imagine a statue controlling thunder...funny right? Well it's not true it was just a coincidence


Imagine seeing a real ghost rider...the fire brought the right shape at the right time.

Friendly Shark

Wow what a friendly shark...don't get it twisted no shark is friendly it just happened at the right time

Bubbled Dog

Trapped in the bubble? Well it looks so but it isn't

Moon girl

No no don't put it in my bum. I guess she was just checking something...she ain't holding the moon

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Moon Naa


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