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50 hilarious pictures and jokes to make you laugh really hard

1. Trying to confuse your enemy.

2. Pilot that is a learner. Can you board such plane?

3. Love is not a scam. Its either you are dating an idiot or you are the idiot. I come in peace.

4. "You are in neitherland" you're not in any of the land.

5. Did you know that this fruit is call fruit?

6. Girls will be flattered with this one here.

7. See warning. Direct warning

8. Lost goat or an imbecile?

9. When the two of you are first timers.

10. Do you ever notice this?

11. Another thing to notice here. Tell us if this is true. Leave your comment bellow

12. Severe reply. You want to condemn one for the other when you can't afford any of it. Borrow yourself some brain please.

13. Who are the people voting?

14. See house

15. Modern toilet improvised. We no dey ever carry last.

16. Could you believe that this is not a forest, it is the picture of the eye.

17. No condition is permanent. What a house.

18. Ladies is this number 18 true. Did your husband become housemaid when you are rich?

19. This may be true? Because the next generation may not know why you keep wearing it.

20. Look well brother that is not a cat.

21. Who is the house look at? The house is vigilant on its own.

22. Take a second look, it is not what you think.

23. Spaghetti on fire. What is the hope here?

24. Too much. I will change the school to the one of #3000 only.

25. What is the use of this gate please?

26. What's the offense here. He did just what they asked.

27. Shoe umbrella? For what?

28. How do you do that?

29. Old boxer and socks. Only men will understand this

30. Lesson taught here.

31. Wait o. How does it look inside this house?

32. The answer is "NO" though not provided but find it here circled.

33. Is the bird for rent? Bird room should be called nest.

34. Being wondering what can cause this all the time. Do have an idea? Please help with your idea in the comment section. Thanks.

35. When pastor becomes a shoe maker. English killed here. Heel me?

36. Picture of a smiling car.

37. 10k. Let's count please.

38. What do you call this number 38?

39. A nest or a house? Who lived here please?

40. What a wiper. Wiper or broom?

41. Towing an plane. This is very funny to me. Nothing we no go see for naija.

42. Car for the Game boy.

43. Learn to write Chinese in few minutes.

44. Confused.

45. Car bicycle

46. Please don't do this for us.

47. Super pack sachet water.

48. Why this name in the first place? Trying to fly?

49. Do you know the way? This may help you SEE WAY.

50. Thus is even more than overload. What do we call this please?

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Content created and supplied by: Buharilaro (via Opera News )


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