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Despite all the heartbreaks I have experienced, I’ll fall in love again -Adaeze Ajah, actress

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The fast-growing actress, Adez Aja, moved into Nollywood six years ago. Since then, the Superstory star has had movie roles, but she chose not to be a stereotype. She was also determined in her decision not to give up on love despite heartbreak.

Can you tell us about growing up?

I come from an average Lagos family, and I have anything I want. I have two siblings, a sister and a brother. So, for me, it’s a balance. I have the opportunity to hang out with my brother and his friends, and when I get tired of being a tough guy, I can turn to my sister and we all do extravagant things together.

Career-wise, what are you currently promoting?

There is more than one thing to be promoted as an actor, and I think the best strategy is to promote everything you can at the same time. If choosing one is a must, I am currently promoting the Hub Hub. In fact, my plan for 2020 is to make the biggest of my career as an actor; And also to push my brand House of Ida. Fans should expect to see more versions of mine on their screens. But I will not be a stereotype.

What inspired the hub and what do you like about your character?

The Hub is a web series built by VersMedia. We are currently in the second season and I love this project because it gives me a chance to hit my chest about my decision not to stereotype. The role I play is a different matter; It’s out of this world (laughter).

How do you cope with sexual harassment from fans and colleagues?

It is what it is, and no matter how much we try to ignore it, it does exist. What works in one situation may not work in another. So, trying and avoiding awkward moments, awkward discussions and relying on my courage is the best strategy I have ever pursued. Even when not asking me, I say my stance strongly.

What's the craziest thing a fan has done to you or what people have about you?

There are no crazy fans yet and there are no myths.

Who is your favorite artist and what do you make of him behind closed doors?

My favorite artist is Barna Boy. Behind closed doors, I button his shirt for him (laughter).

Are you in a heartbeat and if yes, would you give it another chance to love?

Yes, I am heartbroken. Yes, I will fall in love again.

What do you want in a relationship?

I want trust, understanding and love.

What does s$x mean to you?

S$x means commitment, understanding and bonding.

How do you control your s$xual desire in the absence of a partner?

I control my s$xual desire by talking to Jesus


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