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Why I enjoy being in the company of women –Oga Bello

The veteran actress Adebayo Salami, better known by his stage name Oga Bello, has stated that he does not encourage marriage between people working in the entertainment sector due to the demanding nature of the job.

During an interview with Saturday Beats, he stated, "To me, everything falls under the umbrella of fate. If one is destined to marry someone in the industry, that is perfectly acceptable. Otherwise, it does not meet my standards simply because it does not function. She must devote her entire life to her family and cannot accompany her husband on all of his business trips away from home. Who will look after the house if both couples are well-known figures in the entertainment industry? There would be a large number of female fans for the man, and the same would be true for the lady. Eventually, this will cause them to lose their home. That is one of the reasons why I do not support it.

“I enjoy having a conversation, especially with women. Allow others to believe what they want, but I am well aware of what I am earning from them. Both old and young women have a wealth of knowledge, which is beneficial to me when I'm writing my novels. My stories are always centered on female characters. Women are frequently on the receiving end of abuse, and I enjoy telling stories about their predicament. I'm not in their company because I'm looking for something else from them. I am still a young man, and I am a happy man. I'm at ease with my situation. I don't let anything disturb me, and nothing can get under my skin. I merely pray and place all of my anxieties at the feet of the Almighty. I'm also not a big party person, unless the individuals hosting the event are close to me. When I attend a party, I try to keep my time to a maximum of one hour. I don't drink, and I don't go to joints where they serve pepper soup. “I enjoy watching the news and listening to music on a regular basis.”

Additionally, Oga Bello stated that he and Jike Kosoko have been together for more than 40 years and that they are "like one family." Things are shared and discussed amongst us. He informs me if there is an issue, and I inform him if there is. Even in the presence of Yinka Quadri. It is a complete fabrication to claim that there are no decent pals in the entertainment industry. We've been together for more than 40 years and intend to continue in that manner. Our children are also involved in this line of work. We don't want them to become adversaries with one another. There will be quacks in every sector, no matter how reputable it is. Some people enter the sector with no prior knowledge of the fundamentals of their chosen field. When you come in like that, you will not be able to do the task.”

The actor also expressed his regret for the lack of discipline that once existed in the entertainment sector. “One thing I miss about the old movie industry is the discipline,” he continued. There is no longer the same level of discipline in the sector as there used to be. We used to be quite punctual back in the day. People can now go onto movie sets at any time of day or night, though they make allowances for veterans like myself. That, in my opinion, should not be the case. However, I must admit that the film sector has a greater number of talented individuals. On a daily basis, the sector makes strides forward in terms of technological advancements, film quality, and research.”

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