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Never Give Up: See How My Rejected Article Was Later Published And Got Many Clicks

Rejected article can be one of the biggest night mare for many Opera news hub writter, but many fail to realize that an article rejected doesn't mean it's useless. An article that is rejected may be good and full of great content but may still end up being rejected due to bad headline, grammatical error in the headline, low quality image or violation of the Opera news law.

When I fist joined Opera news hub, my first article was rejected due to not being original. I later went on to read the guidelines and realized that copying ones news wasn't allowed in the hub.

The purpose for writing this article is to show you how i wrote some articles that got rejected but due to my never say die attitude I kept trying until I figured out the fault in the article and submitted, which was later published and gave me alot of clicks.

See screenshots of my rejected articles that were later published:

From the screenshots above you can see that no one is perfect, so your article being rejected is not the end of the world. All you need to do is to take a look at the article and try to find out why it was rejected, then correct it before you post again.

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