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When The Wife You Marry Is A Wrestler— See Several Other Funny Pictures

Are you aware of the relevance of laughter to general wellbeing? Do you know that laughing regularly makes you stay healthy? You don't? Well, I guess I just told you. There are a thousand and one reasons why you should laugh as much as possible. I have explained some of them above. It is difficult to premeditate laughter, it usually has to be done without the person who wants to laugh knowing about it.

In this article, I would be helping you laugh by providing for your own entertainment, very funny memes. Are you ready to laugh? You are? Then take a look at these hilarious memes:

This is what happens when the wife you marry is a wrestler. Haha.

This is epic savagery.

Don't ever try this, students.

Is it?

Don't you agree?

Didn't this happen to you too during your school days?

We could have all been killed if not for him (note the sarcasm).

This is why your parents are always forcing you to read.

She looks jealous and a little bit angry.

I wish I was the last born.

As kids, we used to play this game all the time.

Only studious science students would understand this meme.

When the groom is a carpenter. No offence, readers.

She probably poisoned it.

So, am I the devil?

You'd be like, "oh my God."

When you don't usually save money with the bank.


When your best friend is as stupid as hell.

We are naturally ahead. Haha.

See some funny posters:

This won't end well.

Is there anything you won't see in Nigeria?


And you got deceived. Epic!

What would you reaction be?

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