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Is it true that you can use pidgin to answer a question with the same sentence

We all know that English language is our official language due to our country being a British colony once upon a time. We speak English in all walks of life, from the time we were born, mostly because our parents or neighbors speak it and in our environment you will always find someone speaking.

We learn it mostly from school, but there is one language which we speak in Nigeria that is not learned in school, everyone speaks it, young, old, illiterate, learned and so on. It doesn't matter your tribe or culture majority of Nigerians speak pidgin, its more or less our second official language.

Pidgin is derived from English with a mixture of Igbo and Yoruba languages, well most people would likely disagree with me but nonetheless it is a mixture of languages spoken in the streets, neighborhoods or cities. Almost anyone can learn it as it is very easy and when speaking it, you can usually add your own spice or flavour to it.

It was just posted on Twitter by a young man with the name Dirmax, who revealed a very funny and quite accurate fact about pidgin.

Check Out Screenshot below.

This post prompted a lot of people to add their own different ways of asking and giving the same questions with the same sentence. Check out their various replies below.

So what do you think about this particular post? Add yours too. It is our second unofficial language after all.

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