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After A Lady Disclosed The Amount Of Money A Stranger Gave Her To Buy Fearless Drink, See Reactions

In live, there are some people who can still help you the very first time you people know each other, but there is a saying that said, nothing goes for free. So one has to be very careful in everything you do. Let's find how true that is, just keep reading about the story of this lady.

This my article, is about a certain lady who met a man, who she claimed to be a stranger, became friend with him on the first day and got 50 thousand naira as a take away gift to buy a fearless drink. Nowadays girls are been deceived by Money which makes them to be blind and also to lose their common sense and dignity. So, at this point, this further talked about how men are heartless and deceitful, because many of them like to impress ladies by spending on them, take them out to a lot of beautiful places and gave them everything they ask of, maybe because of one thing they may want from the lady in return.

Just hours ago, a lady by name Oluwafunmilayo narrated her experience with a man on Twitter. According to her, she was going out and she noticed a man who was constantly staring at her. She must have been surprised on like a normal Lady would have been, so she gathered the courage to ask him why he was looking at her . The man replied, saying that he knew her on Twitter, in which they began conversation and ate together. So, when she was about going back to her house, he squeezed 50 thousand naira in her bag, then told her to use it and buy her favorite fearless energy drink. You can see the screenshot of her Twitter post below.Her experience has caused lots of reactions on social media, but I was surprised by the reactions of many of them as none of was able to decode what story was all about. See some of their reactions.

But, let me give you a clue about the story. Why must it be an energy drink?, Do well to drop your comments below and don't forget to follow up.

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