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Story Of The 23-Year-Old Student, Corrine Hinton Who Spent Over $3000 To Look Like A Mermaid

As children, many of us nursed the idea of being our favourite cartoon or movie character, not minding that they were fictional and not actually real. Well, as times goes on, many children forget the dreams of becoming their favourite cartoon and look ahead to other things that interest them.(Image Credit: Instagram)

However, some kids have still been able to remain focused and keep the passion they have for their interest in their favourite cartoon. In this article, we will be taking a look at a 23-year-old girl who was able to nurse her love for mermaids as a little kid till now that she's a little bit older.(Image Credit: Instagram)

The young lady we are talking about is Corrine Hinton. Corrine is from Easton in Pennsylvania and she's a student of Environmental studies.(Image Credit: Instagram)

Corrine’s passion for mermaids started when she visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in 2005 at the age of seven and met the red haired mermaid princess called Disney Princess Ariel from the classic 1989 film.(Image Credit: Instagram)

After meeting up with Ariel, Corrine became somehow obsessed with the mermaid and developed passion to look like her. At the age of 16, Corrine forced her parents to buy her a mermaid's tail as her birthday gift which costed them $250.(Image Credit: Instagram)

At the age of 18, the love for the mystery of mermaids in Corrine skyrocketed and she personally bought herself a silicone tail which costed her $800. Eventually, Corrine spent over $3000 in other to get the mermaid tails and also learn how to swim with the mono-fin, just like a mermaid.(Image Credit: Instagram)

Currently, she owns over three mermaid tails and as much money as Corrine has put into the hobby, she has seen a return as the 23-year-old also poses as an actor for children’s birthday parties where she is able to make some cash.(Image Credit: Instagram)

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