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Fiction: I went out to buy bole and fish today, and the fish changed to a different thing at home.

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I woke up this morning and I felt hungry for African bole, so I cleaned my house and bathed. I did my normal routine for the morning and posted an article. I was still hungry for the bole but I didn't have money to get it.

So I was thinking of what to do to get a little cash I will use to purchase my African bole, when I remembered my pure water sachet business I started last month. I decided to go hunting, I saw Lots of pure water sachets and was very happy.

I went to sell them off, and I got alot of gain from it. I was very happy that I will finally buy my African bole, so I went home straight and bathed again because I was really sweating after the work. After bathing I went straight out to get the bole at my normal joint, the fish was and every other thing was ok, so I requested hundred naira yam and 400 naira plantain, with full bodied fish .The lady asked if she should join the bole and fish together ,I said no. She wrapped everything off and gave it to me, I gave her the money and we both thanked each other ,she smiled at me, I smiled at her back, In my mind I said maybe this lady as beautiful as this might have a crush on me based on the way she was looking at me. I complimented her smile she blushed I told her later na, she said OK.

I was very happy that I would finally eat my bole, on getting home I opened the bole 1st and eat it, on opening the fish, because it was separated I saw what I have never seen In my life before. The fish turned into something with bulgy eyes. Please I need your help and opinions please should I return it or call the police, please what should I do, because am devastated now.

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