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25 Funny Pictures And Memes Just For Fun.

24 Funny Pictures And Memes Just For Fun.






Jokes for fun

#1. I saw a man standing on one leg at an ATM. I Confused, I asked him what he was doing? He said, "just checking my balance". #Say no to weed.

#2. Job interview in a psychiatry: So you’re interested in working with us. What is your experience with mentally disturbed people? - I’ve been on Facebook for 5 years now. - Very good, the job is yours.

#3. Girls that wear heels to an event and come back with slippers don't last long in a relationship, they can't endure for long, I swear.

#4. Toothpicks were missing in the house, then my Mother asked our maid, and she was like: it’s not me, even when I use I put them back.


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