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11 Years After The Indian Movie '3 Idiots', See How The Three Of Them Look Now.

Talking about 3 idiots, they weren't idiots really, they were actually gurus who defined their generation. The movie even though it was released in 2009 is still relevant and will continue to be relevant forever.

It is a very touching movie recommended for people who need to see education from another angle, especially parents. Education is good but this movie teaches you that you need to look at other aspects and not just be radical about forcing your child to do what you want them to do as they may end up miserable. 

Some may like art, some may like sports too. The balance in the movie came when we saw that one of them also turned out to be a scientist. It showed the competition that happens among students, how many of them cram just to deliver in class.

It showed how students mean to prove to themselves who will be the best later in life and keep on working towards that goal. The classmate who made up his mind to prove a point ended up working for the scientist who looked unserious to many.

The 3 idiots were Mohammed Aamir Hussain Khan, Madhavan Balaji Ranganathan and Sharman Joshi. They haven't stopped acting, they in short keep getting better daily.

Bollywood is an industry with talent and competition. If you are not on the top of your game, you may lose relevance. They keep getting better daily, they keep pushing themselves and that is the reason why they are where they are, on top.

No on starts anything worthwhile perfectly, the journey to perfection can be eternal but on the way to attaining perfection, we break milestones day by day and Bollywood is doing just that. They keep giving us the best and God will help them.

What did you learn from the movie 3 idiots?

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