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Interesting Topics To Show You Are The King Of Enthusiasm.

Most times, we are likely to come short of ideas and creative topics to discuss with our friends mostly those you have a crush on πŸ˜‰.

It may be as a result of excitement, dull response from the person you are conversing with or some other emotional issues.


Here are some awesome area of discussions and tips that are surely going to get you going in every conversation you find yourself in, from this moment on... Get yourself ready to learn... Go!! πŸ˜‹

1. Ask Him Or Her About Themselves:

Whenever you're out of ideas on what to discuss, ask the person you're conversing with to tell you about themselves. I bet it with you, each time you ask this question, you'll always have something fresh and fun to discuss. It also makes you know alot about the person you're in a dialogue with. Then you know what? You'll become someone very close to them because you already know what their past looks like.

2. Common Interests:

Get to know the interests you share with those you love. It helps you to know what they'll like to hear and when they'll like to hear it. Why this is very important is because the common interests includes what you enjoy and also what he or she enjoys.

3. Occurrences:

Events and occurrences are always great to discuss with those you love. As we all know that events bring back memories, when we remind our loved ones of events, ( that happened in your presence or just general events) it brings a whole lot of spice and ginger to a discussion. It can also lead to a lot of other interesting discussions.

4. Movies And TV Series:

Most times, discussing about a movie or TV series with people is more interesting than watching the movie itself. While watching movies, we always keep some thoughts and questions to ourselves. It's a really really nice way to get your loved ones involved in an interesting and voluntary discussion with you.

5. Music:

If your crush is not a movie or TV series freak, music is a really great way to get them into a fun-filled discussion with you. There's alot to discuss when it come to music. Be it: Favorite artiste, favorite genre, favorite producer, distasteful artiste and many many more.

6. Goals And Aspirations:

There's no human being without a goal in life. Everyone has a goal that keeps them moving even when they are in a bad mood. Asking your friend or crush about their goals and aspirations is a way of sparking up a conversation. It's also a way of showing that you care about them to the extent of thinking about their future. If the person you're are discussing with also tells you their goal, it is a way to tell you the person loves you so much to trust you with their future plans.

Without doubt, putting the few points above into practice will surely make you a very interactive person and eliminate dull moments in your conversation with people in general.

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