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Here is How Simi Used Three of Fela's Tracks to Form Her Latest Single Titled '' Woman ''

It is a known fact that Simi is a talented singer who has dished out various hit records ever since he broke into the Nigerian musical circle with her track '' Jamb question '' but like an artist being creative can involve sampling the hit record of other artists, which is what Simi did in her latest musical effort titled '' Woman '' those who have listened to the track knows that she sampled several works of Fela Anikulapo Kuti's tracks which includes.

Suffering and Smiling: this is a track that speaks against how people like to suffer in silence, without learning how to speak up for themselves in matters that concerns them. Simi in her track '' Woman '' picked the line that inquire '' suffer for what? To query why women have to suffer and be victimized in their affairs?

Water has no enemies: this is a track in which Fela highlighted the importance of water to life, how water is very useful and doesn't have enemies. Simi on her track asked why a woman is not like water that has no enemies? As a woman has enemies from every corner, even amongst themselves.

Amen: this is a Fela track that is centered on how Africans have become accustomed to saying '' Amen '' to the realities of many situations that concerns them. Simi used this track to highlight that point where women just take everything thrown at them without mustering the courage to raise questions or oppose.

While there is nothing bad in an artist sampling the sound of those who serve as a mentor or motivate them, it is a great feat for her to use the music of Fela someone who is a great voice in sending messages that deals with social matters to buttress her point, making the track such a catchy one, which seek to address the type of stereotyping that many women are faced with in modern days and using her voice to send a loud message towards uplifting women.

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