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Was It A Prophecy? What 2Pac Could Have Tried To Say In His Final Music Video (Pictures)

The black American Hip Hop artists and legendary rapper, 2Pac Shakur died at the age of 25 on the 7th of September in 1996, after being shot while in his vehicle. However, some people still believe that he is alive and living his life somewhere else, whirl others believe that he had foreseen his own death before the day he was shot. 

His final music video seems to make some butrressing point to the claim that a prophecy could have been made by 2pac himself. Similar to that of the Nigerian rapper, Dagrin who died months after pleading with people not to cry when he does in a song.

The circumstance that created the death of the legendary rapper is very similar to the character play in his music video in the album titled "I Ain't Mad At Cha". 

–According to the music video, 2Pac enters the first scene of the video in a white dress, and a cigarette in hand, only to soon fall into the hands of people who were already in ambush, waiting for his appearance before making their strategic attack. Don't be surprised that this movie scene is more of a real-life application to his death, because he was actually ambushed when he died in 1996.

–Stepping out of a building in the video, 2Pac alongside his friend were shot fatally by an unknown and unseen shooter and amidst all the chaos of the shot, he fell to ground losing consciousness.

–This scene was followed by 2Pac's attempt to regain consciousness as he sees feeble lights of an ambulance and the paramedics were trying to bring him back to life, but after shouting that they were losing him, he drifted completely our of consciousness and the paramedics announced "No Pulse, He Gone. "

–In the last scene in the music video, 2Pac was found in somewhere that seemed like heaven and amidst Late musicians, who have appearances similar to the likes of Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Dandridge, Hendrix, Big Cole and many others. 

This final scene depicts that died and is welcomed by late entertainers in heaven. Surprisingly, a real life version of the movie was witnessed 3 months after the music video was debuted on MTV, when 2Pac was gunned down at East Flamingo Road and Koval Lane after his vehicle stopped for the traffic light.

He was shot by an unknown and unseen assailant just like in the Music video, this has raised questions as to whether 2Pac had predicted and made a prophecy of his own death before it happened.

Do you think this could have been a mere coincidence? or was 2Pac trying to pass a Prophecy with his last movie video? Share your thoughts.

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