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Women Being The Rare Breed That They Are: Meet These Amazing And Indomitable Ones

Where most men would otherwise go unnoticed, women often walk through the doors, creat opportunities and at the end of it, they get recognition for their hard work and dedication. For these few in a million: powerful, influential, and prestigious in nature are making impact on the world. Their efforts cuts across every strata and spheres of mankind. As it is often said, " it is harder to give than to receive" but not with these women who have given their entire life and career to enhance the world. They have in many ways than one, help in reshaping and repurposing not just the world, but, to make other women come to the realization that your weakest link (as a woman) is as strong as the strength, courage and potentials - just waiting for you to understand and unleashed.

Yes, the timeless value of a woman cannot be quantified. Funny enough, if you take the microscope, you are likely not going to be able to find exactly where this graphic word "Value" is, but it's there in you, in your abilities and can-do spirit just as: Margaret Thatcher, Golda Mier, Mother Theresa, Angele Merkel, Opray Winfrey, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Hilary Clinton, Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf, Dame Virgy Etiaba, Dr. (Mrs) Ngozi Okonji-Iweala, just to mention but a few. As a woman, you need to rise up, the world needs your time, signature and attention.

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