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Brain Teaser! Is The Man Inside Or Outside The House (Only For Geniuses)

Brain Teaser! Is The Man Inside Or Outside (Only For Geniuses)

I came across this picture on the internet, and honestly, it really caught my fancy. This is because the picture contained a very hard riddle that could make a person think hard for hours. However, after much thoughts and consideration, you will definitely get the answer to this awesome brain teaser.

Below is the picture;

As you can see above, the man seems to be inside the house and outside the house at the same time. Really confusing right? But try giving it much thoughts and looking at it from a different perspective, then you will surely get the answer to this tricky riddle.

Is the man inside or outside of the house?

Be sure too look at the whole picture before jumping to your final conclusion. After making your conclusion, please drop your answers below.

Also, if you find it educative or challenging you can share to loved ones too see their answers.

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