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Two Things You Should Know About The Song "Peru" By Fireboy

You must have heard the music titled "Peru" by Fireboy. Below are two things you should know about the trending music.

photo credit: giditrendz

1. Fireboy went to greet Shizzi when they made the music. 

The musician did not have any intention or had the plan to make a song when he went to see Shizzi. He only heard the beat when Shizzi played it and started freestyling to it. When they both saw everything was flowing, then they decided to record the music. "Peru" wasn't a planned song but a freestyle song. The song just happened at that moment and he formed everything there and they created it with the beat played by Shizzi.

2. The title of the music does not have meaning. 

You would hear Fireboy sing "Peru" thinking it has a meaning but surprisingly it doesn't. when I First heard Peru in the music I thought he was talking about the country in South America but the singer himself said it doesn't have meaning that it was just a rhyme. It was a freestyle anyways, so maybe as he heard the beat Peru just came as a freestyle so he decided to use it as the chorus of the song.

credit: Notjustok

Peru is now one of the top Nigerian music. People use it on TikTok and other social media to create videos and form dance steps. It went from a freestyle song to heat music. The music is now going places and it looks like the beginning of reign for the music.

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