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See How People Are Reacting To This Woman That Refused Eating What She Is Selling

See how people are Reacting to this woman that refused eating what she is selling (See video).

Is not everything you see people selling that you should buy. Some people are just after their own interest. The quest to make money is very bad, people can do anything for money. 

And food is the easy means to do such thing without you having an idea that is why it is important to beware of what you eat outside. This lady in this video hawks meat, she sells meat to people on the street. But she refused eating what she is selling.

In the video you could see the men asking her to eat the meat that she is selling that they will pay for it, the lady refused to eat, she was even crying as if they were forcing her to eat it. 

Now based on her reaction to what they asked her to eat people have been reacting and many people are not happy that she refused to eat what she is selling.

See peoples reaction .

See video

What this men to this lady, was it nice?

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