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This Life Is Not Balance At All, See 20 Photos Of What Life Has Done To People.

This Life Is Not Balance At All, See 20 Photos Of What Life Has Done To People.

Life is one of the greatest school I have ever seen. On daily basis we see new happenings that will not cease to amaze our mortal reasoning faculty. The captions on our newspapers, the scenes on the televisions, the happenings around us in the neighborhood and several other happenings we see on social media on daily basis, are enough to point the imbalances upon the face of the earth.

Life has created so many strata such as social, financial, political, religious e.t.c, for men, and men are taking advantage of this stratifications, especially those on the higher strata of life to either oppress those in the lower strata or silence them.

The quest for power, fame and influence has made so many people go to any length just to getting it. A lot of people who navigate their way to the higher strata of life wouldn't for any reason want to descend lower strata, hence do anything possible to remain or ascend higher levels of power. In the process, so many innocent lives are injured in the process.

There is a saying that goes thus: when two mature elephants engaged in a battle, it is the grasses that suffers. The innocent grasses that don't have anything to do with the fight at all. This is the picture of what is happening today.

Particularly in Nigeria, the gap between the poor and the rich is super large. Some people could not afford one or two square meal a day, yet others eat to their satisfaction, whatever they feel like eating, how many times they feel like eating it, and even went ahead to throw food away.

Others lack clothes to wear, house to sleep, while others have excessive clothes that they don't wear any clothe twice. They have several estates that they cannot even account for.

When I thought I have seen it all, I see greater error under the canopy of eternity; how the rich oppressed the poor and robbed them off their little penny. How the rich arrest and jail the poor over little matters that couldn't have deserved jail sentence. How the rich did the unimaginable and yet still went unpunished.

Baffled with the imbalances, I decided to take a little research on what's the cause of all this imbalances and I realized it is just two entities Known as "MONEY" And "POWER". Other factors such as wickedness, selfishness etc could be responsible too, but the two personalities know as money and power contributes about 70-80% of all these imbalances we see in our society.

Give a poor begger money and power for one year, and you will discover that that same same poor begger has become another man automatically.

You see a man who is very humble in a society, after attaining a level of power and wealth, pride just appeared from no where and take over him- this life is not balance.

What assurance do we have that that poor humble fellow will remain true to himself if he eventually wakes up to fine himself become a millionaire? What assurance do we have have that that proud rich fellow will not become humble when he wakes up to find himself become very poor?

Looking and asking questions on the imbalances we see in this life, will cause one to spent the whole day chasing the wind.

See some photos of the imbalances of life.

This is just the conclusion of the whole matter: life lived without Love and the fear of God will always give birth to imbalances in our society.

Let Love lead!

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