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For Those That Were Born Within 1980 - 1995 Please I Beg You In The Name Of God Read This

For Those That Were Born Within 1980 - 1995 Please I Beg You In The Name Of God Read This.

As we all know that this 2020 era is about total lockdown because of what is happening around the globe.

This article is meant for those born from 1980 to 1995. Please read and understand the message, don't forget to share with others so they can benefit from it.

If you were born between 1980-1994,2020 need to be your closing year of being stupid. Don't neglect that you are getting old.

But we don't pray for awful challenges o, we pray that God needs to assist however besides any challenges.

You need to:

1. Get a job if you don't have one.

2. Filter your present-day buddies and make greater commercial enterprise partners.

3. Start saving a part of your profits and make investments it (not in MMM, purchase a land, shares, bond, etc)

4.stop clubbing each weekend. Stay indoors occasionally and study an e-book or 2.

5. (Ladies) end waiting for a prince charming to come and keep your self (Z-World and Hollywood lied to us) you must recognize that through now.

6. Stop relationships all and sundry you do not see your self having a future with.

7. (Guys) cease honoring each and every single invitation to go and grasp out and drink and flex with chicks.

8. start sending cash again domestic (your dad and mom will be so proud of you)

9. Stop squatting around with friends, get your own apartment.

10. Stop caring about what people have to say about you or any selection u take about your life.

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