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Spice up your day with these Funny jokes and memes

Spice up your day with these Funny photos and jokes.

*my little brother told me that he meet a handsome boy in the buthroom when i came to the bathroom he show me the mirror.

*my uncle didnt found me on facebook because he was typing my neiphew.

*redbull gives you wings, my little brother bought a redbull than drinked he smashed the redbull can. i ask him why. he said dat dude theres no wings growing on me


2) Some decisions that we feel like taking are very funny.

3. Who can tell us what is this? It looks like bag🤔

4) If it were possible, I would also wish the same thing.

5) I will call my kid "Physics" so that my neighbors will call me "the father of Physics".

6) I will be coming out by September.

7) Be sincere, at what age did you stop doing this?

8) Can someone tell me why fish can't talk?


1o) See the prayer of an Android phone user.

11) These days, they have no choice because we study with our phones until the lockdown is over.

12) Let's confuse them, who is this?

13) My barber is a very funny fellow. He jokes with everything.

14) Let's talk about fashion, which cloth will you pick. I am picking number three.

15) I can't stop laughing at the picture below.

16) This is how we look at girls.

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