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EXCLUSIVE: I took alcohol with my girlfriend for the first time and this happened.

I took alcohol with my girlfriend for the first time tonight and what happened later surprised me. 

My girlfriend visited me on Wednesday from umuahia to warri for the first time and we have been together since then, and have had nice time together. 

Just this night, I remembered that she will be going back to umuahia tomorrow morning so I asked her to dance for me. She requested I buy her alcoholic drink before she could dance. So I went out and bought six cans of drinks and came back. 

Immediately I came back, she got so excited at the site of the drinks. So she started drinking and I joined her. We started dancing as we were drinking. 

All my life I've never taken alcohol before, but just one can, I got very high, I was dancing like I've been going to club before, meanwhile I don't even know how to dance before. But I don't know where the inspiration came from. I danced like a guru in the business. 

Nevertheless, I took another drink, I became out of my senses, I didn't know when I carried my girlfriend to the room and the rest is a story for another day. As I'm writing my eye is still dim, I don't like the feeling, please what can I do to come out of the influence of this alcohol. 

Please drop your advice at the comment section, I'm really serious about this. 

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