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Is Age really a Number? See recent Pictures of JET LI, A Popular Chinese Kung Fu Actor

Is Age really a number? See recent Pictures of Popular Chinese actor Jet LI.

In early 2000s when we started watching action films most especially Chinese actions, martial arts, every kids wants to be like these stars, Jackie, Jet and Bruce. We are so much in love with how they beat others, go on a mission and return successfully, stand up for their family, beat up those bully vulnerable people.

We would choose their films over our native production, football and so many other programs but as time goes on these heroes cannot continue to be at top.

I could vividly remember that I once missed morning, afternoon meal just in my quest to partake in watching their movies, then television and video set was so scarce that not every family could afford it. Everyone would peep from neighbors who are wealthy enough to have one or befriend children from such home. It's funny and amazing memories all together.

One might be wondering who's this Jet Li right? He is Chinese Movie actor, producer and martial artist, director, author who have featured in numerous interesting movies over the years.

According to Wikipedia, He started acting in early age of 19years when he first appeared in shaolin temple 1982, fist of legend, and may others afterwards. His acting career has gone far beyond China shores, if you could remember very well, Li Played the leading role in Romeo must die, also Expendables an American film.

Jet is happily married since 1999 after first failed marriage in 1990, his two marriage was blessed with 4 daughters, all grown up.

In this article we would be sharing some new photos of him to refresh our minds as well as answers that one disturbing question.

Is Age really a number?

What do you remember our hero with?

After going through these pictures, share your thoughts, opinion with us.

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