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Una Dey Mad is Trending on Social Media, This is the Reason (Photos)

Una Dey Mad is Trending on Social Media, This is the Reason (Photos).

The phrase 'Una dey mad' is currently trending on social media especially on twitter after a user started a long thread to voice out his disappointment in ladies and toxic feminists.

A twitter user identified as Abimbola Tunner with the handle @clan_clueless started a thread by pointing out some double standards and hypocrisy of women and feminists. He ended each of his tweets with pidgin English 'Una dey mad'. The phrase is now trending because many users are using it as they join the discussion on social media.

See some of his tweets below.

"It’s romance when I cook & serve my woman. But na slavery if na my turn. Una dey mad."

"It’s cute when I build my wife & help finance her dreams. But if I say she did this for me, menaskom. Una dey mad."

"It’s romance if I get up late night to go get something my baby wants just because she wants it. But if the name asks my wife for food, I will be a demon. Una dey mad."

"If my wife takes my ATM card & shops on it at will. It’s romantic. But make I chop small for my wife's salary, I will be tiff. Una dey mad."

"If I propose on my knee to ask my woman to marry me. Na symbolism of romance. But if she kneels to feed me on our wedding day, na servitude. Una dey win?"

"My woman is stressed and having a bad day & I give her a deep tissue massage after the kind of day I had on a Construction site. Swit Romance. 

But my wife trims my nails, I will be Lord Lugard. Una dey mad seh."

"If una no dey mad, una no go dey shit on other people choices. How are you pro-choice until someone has a choice that doesn’t sit well with yours? Simple answer. It’s because una dey mad."

"When a husband stabs his wife na murder but when the wife stabs the husband na self-defense. Una dey mad"

However, some feminists also fire back at him with their own opinion. See their reactions below.

"U dey call a guy that is fvcking so many girls a big boy, but instead of calling a girl that is fvcking so many guys big girl una don call her olosho. UNA DEY MAD"

"Keyboard warriors will come to Twitter and say anything they like. But in their own homes and family. They can’t say shit! Start with your mom, tell her to stop cooking for her husband cos she isn’t a slave! Una Dey mad!!!"

"If there Is peace in the marriage, the woman is controlling him but if they are fighting, the man is toxic. UNA DEY MAD!"

"Men only do it when they feel like, once in an eclipse. Women do all these daily cos it is seen as our duty, let it be everyone's duty, plan it into an everyday schedule and we will see how poetic you become at the end of a month."

"Difference is you are expected to do all these things when you feel like it. If she does it when she feels like it as well not out of obligation there’s no problem. these things are not wrong, the problem is making it mandatory for women on the basis of their gender solely"

What do you think about the issue?

Do you agree with the guy that this life is unfair to guys?

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