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Arin Tries To Make Angel Feel Better After She Had An Emotional Breakdown

Angel and Arinola were spotted in the garden talking about their childhood experiences earlier tonight.

During their conversation, Angel narrated how she watched her sister die when she was just ten years old.

Angel made it clear that her sister went through depression and committed suicide right in front of her.

Angel blamed herself for the death of her sister claiming that she could have done something to stop her from committing suicide.

While narrating how it all happened, Angel just couldn't stop weeping. She believes things could have turned out different if she tried to save her sister.

In reaction to Angel's claim, Arin made it clear that there's nothing Angel could have done about it.

She said: "There's nothing you could have done about it. Don't forget you were just ten years old".

Arinola managed to stop Angel from weeping after calming her down with soothing words. It seems Arinola is a really good friend and Angel surely needs her around.

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