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Sisters, you wont know what the Lord has done for you until you marry a man who is capable


If Bae doesnt know Jesus, Abeg bros weytin you gain oo. If your boo isn't a man of stature in spiritual things, sister your journey to the lost land has just started. Spirituality is attractive. Na fire be fine bobo.

Bae is fresh and beautiful....... Good!!! Boo is handsome and very rich...... Very Good!!!! But can bae lesgislate in the parliament of heaven?? Does boo know how to invoke and engage the courts of Yahweh??

Sister, you probably won't understand why we keep pressing this into your hearing. Until you wake up in the middle of the night and you can't find your husband beside you but you hear his voice legislating in the courts of heaven, standing in his office as a priest with strange angelic presence in the house as he is praying ''shakalakatash, my home becomes a place of abode for the atmosphere and presence of heaven, my children are for signs and wonders and the wife of my youth shall dwell continually in the presence of Yahweh''.

Brothers Imagine you are about to put all your money into a deal and your wife comes ''Sweetheart don't put your money into this deal, I saw it crash 24hours after you did. But you can invest into this other one, I saw it bringing in profits'' Brother man, it will be as though you used charm.

Until as a couple in a family you face situations where humanly speaking there is no way out. But your husband tells you ''Sweetheart, I am going into my study room, lock me inside and don't open the door until the third day, I need to introduce God into this hopeless situation'' And just like that after the first day of entering into the room things begin to turn. Before he comes out, things are already settled. Men who understand how to win hopeless battles.

Until you as a man you come back home and you see your children loving up on Jesus with a sound understanding of the Word because your wife is a woman of the spirit who has trained the children the ways of the spirit, when your children during morning devotions are bursting tongues with fervency because they have a mother who taught them to pray. And smiling she whispers to you ''Did I not tell you that your seeds shall be mighty upon the earth? You gave me the seed, you implanted the children into me, it is my duty to teach them the precepts of the kingdom, our children cannot be ordinary, not under our watch''

Sisters, you wont know what the Lord has done for you until you marry a man who is a capable spiritual covering, a priest in the courts of the Lord.

Brothers, you won't understand how your life will turn around forever until you marry a woman who is a powerful minister to you, a powerful intercessor for your life, business and ministry.

This is why we keep pressing it into your ears, that Spirituality is the criteria that will not be compromised in choosing a partner.

That he is tall, dark and handsome is not enough. That she is fair, curvy and busty is not enough. That he has a car and he is doing well is not enough. Goose pimple, butterfly in the tummy and other such types of feelings is not enough.

They must understand the dealings of the kingdom!!!


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Bae Boo Very Good Yahweh


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