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Signs That Proves A Girl Is After Your Money, Not Your Love.

Most times a man will be distracted and lose focus on the type of love he is receiving from his girlfriend.

It is important to know whether she just wants to eat your money and clean mouth or she really loves you.

Below are the signs you will likely see if she just wants to eat your money and tell you goodbye with her characters.

1) Always requesting for money. Always listing her financial challenges for you, not minding whether you have it or not.

2) Whenever she wants money from you and you tell her that you are broke or that the money you are expecting hasn't been credited, she gets angry with you.

3) She only comes to your house when you receive your salary.

4) She only comes to your house when she is hungry, her mother is sick, her brother is in the hospital, her father is owing the landlord or her house rent has expired.

5) She will only make love to you because you promised to give her money and after the pleasure, you must give her the money or she will break up with you. Her reason will be that you are not caring.

6) She only professes love to you whenever you gave her money. You will see her huge you and allow you to romance her.

7) She is always busy with one important thing or the other but whenever she is in need of money she will come and start telling you how deep she loved you.

This picture is used for illustrative purposes.

8) She knows you are broke but want you to borrow the money from anyone available just to solve her Financial challenges. Whether you will pay it back or not, is not her business.

9) She told you she wanted to be enrolled in one vacationer training or the other but after the registration, she couldn't attend the training. She had eaten your money.

10) She is always moody not because anything is wrong with her, she simply just wanted you to ask her what is the problem. She will then tell you how she is being faced with financial challenges. All these are just to get money from you.

I'm talking from my ugly experience.

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Not Your Love


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