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OPINION: Cubana Chiefpriest Should Apologize To Boma For The Post He Made About Him On Instagram

Boma Akpore, one of the BBN contestants recently got evicted from the show and he has granted several interviews since his eviction. In one of his recent interviews, he spoke about how disappointed and angry he was after seeing a post concerning him on Cubana Chiefpriest's page. He said that the Celebrity Barman accused him of things he didn't do and he felt offended. In my opinion, I think Cubana Chiefpriest needs to tender an immediate apology for the post he made.

The post made by Cubana chiefpriest is not only disgraceful to Boma, but also damaging to his person. According to Boma said in the interview, he didn't do all what Cubana accused him of. Cubana chiefpriest needs to understand that the Big Brother Naija show is a game, and most contestants are doing their possible best to remain in the house.

There have been several instances when some media outlets shared false news concerning some housemates and this made people react. Boma is just a victim of false news. There was no actual confirmation that he did what Cubana chiefpriest wrote. Even though they had a romantic relationship in the house, the both of them have now come out to say they were only playing a game. Hence, Cubana Chiefpriest's posts is totally wrong and uncalled for. He has no right to condemn Boma for playing the game in the best way he can. Cubana Chiefpriest's post can go a long way in affecting the way others view Boma. Some of the statements he made concerning Boma can affect his career in many ways.

Hence, I think it would be best for the Celebrity Barman to immediately tender a public apology to Boma for the post he made concerning him. It is also expected of Cubana chiefpriest to pull down the post where he condemned Boma.

What are your thoughts on this? Leave a comment below.

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