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Even The Gods Do Drink Beer: See Funny Memes And Pictures That Will Make Your Day.

There are different types of comedy. All the types of comedy were created to make people laugh. The type of comedy enjoyed by Africans is different from the type of comedy enjoyed by Europeans.

African people like to joke and laugh. In the neighbourhood, people joke about a lot and laugh together. It's a way Africans get themselves happy and relaxed. When people are gathered together, there must that funny one amongst them that would be dishing out funny jokes.

People have different types of comedy they enjoy more. There are some people who love to attend comedy shows. They don't joke with stand up comedy. They know the names of majority of the stand up comedians. No matter their busy schedules, they would always create chance to attend any available comedy show.

There are people who like comedy skits. They are always waiting for new episode they would watch. They follow majority of the comedians doing skits. They feel happy and better when they laugh at the humour portrayed in those skits.

There are people who love to watch funny memes and pictures. They like reading the jokes and messages on the memes. It makes them laugh and feel better. They also enjoy the funny pictures.

There are people who just love everything comedy. They just need something that would make them laugh. Anything funny would certainly catch their attention. Every time they want to relax, they just enjoy any available genre of comedy.

In this article, there are just hilarious memes and pictures compiled to make you laugh. They are the raining genre of comedy. They would certainly make you laugh and forget your problems.

Here is the compilation of humorous memes and pictures for your delight.

Could this be true love ?

Weed at work.

Digital native doctor.

They cannot be last in creativity. So they created their own snooker.

The shoes and the dance.

When you are planning for a higher education.

When the owner is a weed smoker. Donkey with swag.

Who will win this battle? A topical Nigerian scenario.

When you are afraid of maths.

When madness is just beginning.

Business man.

Swear you haven't done this .

Which one of them made you laugh more? Don't forget to share.

Content created and supplied by: Stanzblog (via Opera News )

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