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Your childhood was boring if you didn't watch at least 4 out of these 5 cartoons

Cartoons are animated work of art that are used to communicate, entertain, present a story and sometimes educate.

Due to how catchy cartoons look and how entertaining they are, they tend to be the favorite of most children and a representation of how enjoyable your childhood was.

Here are my 5 greatest cartoons of all time that made our childhood interesting.

Skooby doo

I really don't think I have met anyone that didn't watch Skooby doo. Skooby doo is a cartoon that featured characters like Velma, Daphne, Fred, shaggy and of course Skooby doo who come together to solve mysteries and catch the bad guy.

This cartoon was interesting and entertaining. If you didn't watch this one then you missed a lot. I also loved the spooky vibe of this cartoon.

Pinky and brain

Pinky and brain was a cartoon involving two lab mice. Brain the brainy and smart one and pinky the stupid one. Every day they embarked on an adventure to take over the world but they always fail. Pinky and brain is an interesting cartoon that even though the main focus was on the 2 mouse, it was still very interesting. The first episode of Pinky and Brain aired in 1995.

The Simpsons

Who didn't love this cartoon that portrayed the life of a typical American family in a comical and entertaining way. In this cartoon we saw how the Simpsons dealt with issues, and the various ups and down they faced in their somewhat weird family.

There have even been times the Simpsons cartoon predicted some things we can now see happening in the present day world. The first episode of the Simpsons aired in 1985

Tom and Jerry

An amazing cartoon that showed how a cat and mouse lived in the same house. The hunt and drama between them that never seems to favor Tom, and so many other Interesting scenes that interest both children and even adult. Tom and Jerry is one the most popular cartoon. It will be shocking if someone says that he or she didn't get to watch it.

One of the amazing things about Tom and Jerry is that it is evergreen, ie, no matter the year you watch this cartoon it will also be funny.


SpongeBob is a cartoon that focuses on the life of residents of bikini bottom. Spongebob a yellow sponge works at Krustykrab. The ever angry squidward that can't play a clarinet, Mr Krabs and his whale of a daughter, plankton and his computer wife and so many other interesting characters that made the cartoon fun to watch. And just like Tom and Jerry, spongebob is also evergreen and a kids favorite.

So guys here you have it, the top 5 cartoons that made everyone's childhood interesting.

Which of these cartoons didn't you watch and which was your favorite

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