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Check out photos of hilarious responses from Xavier the comedian that will make your day.

Xavier is an Indian mustache guy that loves to respond to every random post on Facebook and other social media platforms in a rather hilarious manner. His real name is Pakalu Papito and he lives in the Massachusetts state of USA.

Many people loves his memes and salvage responses as it is evidenced by the number of followers he has on many of his social media groups and pages and the hilarious comments from most of his fans.

Scroll down to see photos from his salvage responses and memes as gathered from one of his Facebook pages:

Seriously this long eyelashes can make a lady fly.

I'm sure most Nigerians can relate to this.

Let's see wife materials here, what will be your reaction if you are this lady?

How person wey no get leg go complain of leg pain.

This is deep👇👇

Next time, don't show off with old watch🤪

Many will definitely be visiting the hospital everyday if a gynecologist copies this idea?

Who said being ugly is a crime

This one got me laughing hard

Please Xavier is not ready to listen to your family problems🤣🤣

I love this obedient

Please help this lady find what she's been looking for since.

Perfect definition of today's world

I really want to know who took the pictures.

This ia best response I've ever seen

Lol if you are Xavier, what will you do?

No Nigerian student that hasn't had this experience

They will just take you to psychiatric hospital without thinking twice.

The author of this book deserves an award.

This is hilarious 😂

How can this one start with a wig and ended without wig.

Even the toilet is engaged now but you are still single, shame on you

I refuse to be in this situation.

Come and arrest me ooo.

Nigerians can relate to this on every social media platforms

Which meme and hilarious response is the best. Use the comment section.

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