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Is The Black Panther Movie Aimed At Mocking Africa or Is There A Hidden Meaning?

Anyone who has seen the Marvel produced movie, Black Panther, can bear witness to the fact that it is one of the most popular movies to have ever graced our TV screens ever since it was released some years ago.

Photo Credit: Wakanda, Vintage Photos

Whilst it's more popular amongst black folks since it was the first time Marvel released a black superhero movie; there have been a lot of theories stating that the movie was done to mock Africa or something.

Photo Credit: Vibranium, Marvel Images

But in order not to bore you with so much words, we would tackle the topic for this article below (Is The Black Panther Franchise Aimed At Mocking Africa or Is There A Hidden Meaning?)

Honestly, I personally believe that the motive behind this movie was never done to mock Africa; but rather the movie was Marvel's way of telling us that Africa can still rise to her former glory if the leaders are serious about it.

Photo Credit: Pinterest Images

In the fictional African world of Wakanda, you'd realize that they have a lot of mineral resources with majority of them being the "Vibranium"; and if you're to look at the majority of mineral resources you'll see in Africa today, it is usually the crude oil of which we are all aware that it's not being utilized judiciously; but when put into good use can elevate the status of this continent and thus draw it away from the grips of poverty.

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