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Meet the Star Actress of the 'Mulan 2020' Movie(Photos)

Greetings to all my readers and welcome to today's article.

The year 2020 has been filled with several exciting movies. Many hearts were broken when some of these movies were shifted owing to the outbreak of the pandemic plaguing the world early this year.

However, some movies made it into production and we were not disappointed at all by what we got. Recently, Disney has gone ahead to produce live action versions of it's movies, including The Lion King, Alaadin, Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella. Recently, the Chinese Disney movie Mulan was released, throwing expectant Nigerians into a lot of celebration.

Mulan Plotline: In order to protect her elderly father and restore honour to her family, Wua Mulan disguises herself as a man and infiltrate the Imperial Army of China to war against Invaders aided by a powerful witch. However, the penalty of bringing women to camp is death and Mulan stands the risk for being a woman.

The role of Mulan was played by Chinese American actress Liu Yufei, otherwise known as Crystal Liu. She has also a singer and a model. Aged 33, she was born to An Shaokang and Liu Xiaoli. Her place of birth is Wuhan, China.

Today's article will be more of presenting photos of the lovely actress. Her role in the Disney movie was remarkable, thus it's only right we view some of her amazing photos. Let's have a glimpse of them below:

Doesn't she look absolutely stunning? Honestly, she looks amazing in these few photos of hers.

Here's a fun fact we would love to know. The actress admitted that her role as Mulan was one of the best roles she had ever played. To her, the movie preached the gospel of gender equality and helped sensitise the masses on the Ills done to women.

Even in today's world, women are treated as nobodies. In the church sector, political sector, scientific sector and shockingly, even the cooking sector which was originally founded by women. In this world, we should learn that women are not lesser beings but hidden warriors who go through a lot to protect those that they love. Therefore, it is important to fight for their rights.

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Reference: Wikipedia

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