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How The Casts Of Merlin Look Like Now

The movie Merlin really touched and blessed lots of people life with joke fun and some teaching of good morals. So it's sure to say that we miss the movie. Here are some pictures of the actors how the look like now.merlin whose real name is corlin Morgan the main character of the movie.King Arthur whose real name is Bradley James.mordred whose real name is asa ButterfieldHere are some list of the Casts and there real names

Morganle fay real name is Katie McGrath

Guinevere real name is angel coulby

Gaius real name Richard Wilson

Uther Pendragon real name is Anthony head

Lancelot real name is Santiago Cabrera.

Center real name is Tom Ellis

Percival real name is Tom hopper

Mordred real name is Alexander vlohos

Morgause real name is emilla fox

Kilgarah real name is John hurt.

Leave your comments below of what you think about this movie Merlin and how it impacted you.

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