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See Photos of The Man Who Spent 495 Thousand Naira to Become a Mermaid

Have you ever heard of stories of people who did crazy things because of their obsessions? There are many stories on the internet of people who did lots of funny and crazy things because of how obsessed they are with one movie character, or one famous celebrity, and many other things.

The story of Christian Riel is no exception when it comes to people being obsessed with things, this young man wasn't obsessed with a celebrity but he was obsessed with a cartoon character known as Aerial the little mermaid. I don't know if any of you have watched that cartoon, he said that he fell in love with mermaids right from when he was little after watching that movie.

His dream was to become like one of them so he didn't just stop there by dreaming to look like a mermaid, he went further into spending 1120 euros which is a whopping 495 thousand naira just to become a mermaid.

See some photos of Christian the mermaid

He said that he loves swimming and he loves everything related to underwater, and he's happy with his new tail because it helps him to swim faster.

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