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Remember the movie 'Xena: Warrior princess'? See recent pictures of some members of the cast.

Remember the movie 'Xena: Warrior princess'? See recent pictures of the casts.

Today I bring you down the memory lane to Xena! "She was Xena, a Warrior princess. Forged in the heat of battle. Her courage will change the world", do you remember these lines?

Let me quickly give you a summary on what that thrilling series was all about. Xena, Warrior princess was an American series. The series was aired from the 4th of September, 1995 to the 18th of June, 2001. 

The series was literally about the daily struggles of a warrior princess, Xena, played by Lucy Lawless. Xena was a quest for redemption from her past misdeeds against the innocent.

She employs her outstanding fighting skills to help the people in need and in defending the weak. Gabriel, played by Renee O'Connor, her sidekick was the good natured partner that helped reshaped Xena into the honorable warrior she was keen on becoming. Gabrielle's initial naivety was a perfect blend in helping Xena in her cause for good.

The funny character and clueless character, Joxer, played by Ted Raimi who gave the series it's hilarious tints. There was Ceasar, Aphrodite, Aries and many more. 

It's been over 18 years since the series finale, what does the cast look like? See the actors of Xena, then and now!

Although Aries, player by Kevin Smith had died sadly. I believe his roles will forever be cherished in the scenes. Which of the episodes was your favorite? Don't forget to like and comment too!

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