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Meet The Magician That Walked On Water Like Jesus (Photos)

His name is Steven Frayne, and he is popularly known as Dynamo. He's a magician and 'he' has defied almost all the rules of the impossible, he even walked on water like Jesus, and this particularly magic caused a lot of people to wonder.

The magician is from Bradford, and he explained during a talk show on ITV's what inspired him to perform the magic of walking on water. According to Dynamo, his school bullies repeatedly dunked him in a dam near his home, and he couldn't walk on water then.

Dynamo has done different things that proves nothing is impossible. I even watched a video where he made a smartphone enter a bottle, and brought it out.

In May 2009, Dynamo made a Britain comedian known as Matt Lucas to float four feet off the ground at Emirates Stadium in London and a lot of people were there to see it for themselves.

The way he performed the magic or miracles as some people call it is still unknown.

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Source: Wikipedia and Google

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