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Reaction As Reno Says Men Should Shift Focus From Their Looks to Their Books to Achieve Success.

Pastor Reno Omokri of the Mind of Christ Christian Center in California and Abuj, who is a human activist, film producer and author. Drop a post using his twitter verified account "Reno Omokri" @renoomokri According to his post, he said that men should shift focus from their LOOKS to their BOOKS to achieve success.

He went on to say that if men should shift focus from their LOOKS to their BOOKS, it would make them get the:

1. Life of their dreams.

2. Power of their dreams, and 

3. Girl of their dreams

He concluded by saying that good looks can not do what good books can do for you.

Many people have commented on the post. Some agree with him, some disagree and some try to interpret his post to their own understanding.

@Globalnation6 said: The same as handsome without a brain or beauty without a brain. Waiting to reap from where they did not sow.

@thenowgenerati1 said: Inside books are hidden treasures of life, knowing what to do and going it takes one to the place of destiny. Wisdom is life.

@gangasmimi3 said: Not always true for Nigeria.

To my understanding, I believe that he is trying to say that we should focus on things that are more important than things that are less important.

What message do you think he is trying to send? ....... drop your comments below.

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Photo Credit: Reno Omokri twitter verified account 

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