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Wicked World: Mother abandons her twins at a dustbin in Calabar

On Friday morning, a newly born set of twin was seen in a dustbin at Goldie by Mayne Avenue Extension.

The mother of the twins is yet to be known as no one was there when she abandoned the babies.

This is the highest level of wickedness, if she was not ready to keep the children, why didn't she take the children to a Motherless baby home.

No one knows what might be the reason behind such act, but whatever may be the reason, the unknown mother or whosoever dumped the baby at the dustbin would have exploited other options rather than abandon the innocent babies at a dustbin.

So many people that came around to see the dead babies have been crying and wishing whosoever did such wickedness bad luck in all he/she does.

There are people that are looking for babies, meanwhile the ones God has given for free are not grateful to God for such gift.

Innocent children that would have been of great help to the family have just been wasted. God help us. And this is not the first time, this is happening in Calabar. The rate at which young ladies are abandoning their babies is becoming worrisome and need urgent public interest.

These are the same people that if they don't have babies tomorrow, they would roll from one church to another, from one prayer house to another, looking for a child. God have mercy.

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