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Cats Movie: 11 Unrecognizable Characters and their photos

Have you seen Cats movie before? As in humans being in Cats furry? Then look out for this movie.

Cats is a musical English movie that tells the story of Cats of Jellicle tribe who gathers once in a year in the presence of their leader to send a Cats who deserves second born to heaven side. The Cats are allowed to compete against each other and the one with a genuine reason is chosen. The movie featured many Musicians and Actors. Some of them includes;

1). FRANCESCA HAYWARD. She is a principal Ballet dancer at the Royal Ballet in London. In Cats, she played the role of Victoria, a beautiful, naive, and innocent white Cat. She was abandoned by her owners and was inducted into Jellicle Tribe. Bellow are her photos as Victoria the white Cat .

2). JENNIFER HUDSON. She is an Oscar award winner and Musician known for her wonderful voice. She played Grizabella the Glamour Cat, who left the Jellicle tribe long ago and returns alone with only memories of her happier days seeking re- acceptance from the tribe. Grizabella the Glamour Cat.

3). JASON DERULO. Jason is an American Singer, Songwriter and Dancer. He played the role of Rum Tum Tigger describe as a rebel cat who cannot help but be difficult. He is never satisfied and does opposite of what is expected of him. Rum Tum Tigger.

4). TAYLOR SWIFT. She is an American singer, songwriter best known for her Narrative songwriting that always centers on her personal life. In Cats, she played Bombaluria a flirtatious, confident female and mischievous Cat who sings for Macavity. Bombaluria photos.

5). IDRIS ELBA: Idris is an actor, writer, producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and DJ. He played the role of Macavity the Mystery Cat. Macavity is a master criminal who is too clever to leave evidence of his guilt. He is also called Napoleon of crimes.

6). ROBBIE FAIRCHILD: Robbie is an American dancer and actor. He was the principal Ballet dancer at the New York City Ballet. He played the role of Murkurstrap, the protector, story teller and guardian of Jellicle tribe. He reveres Old Deuteronomy, and watches out for the reckless younger members of his tribe. Murkurstrap the second in command.

7). JUDI DENCH. Judi is an English actress, artist and author who played Old Deuteronomy the wise cat. She is described as the Cat who has lived many lives in succession and is respected by all (humans and cats). She is the leader of Jellicle tribe. Old Deuteronomy the wise cat.

8). LAURIE DAVIDSON. Laurie is an English actor. He played Mr Mistoffelees the Magician. Mr Mistoffelees is a nervous and unsure of himself. He has Magical powers including ability to levitate objects and pull out all sort of things from his hat. Mr Mistoffelees the Magicial Cat.

9). REBEL WILSON: Wilson is an Australian actress, comedian, writer and producer. She played the role of Jennyanydots the Gumbie Cat. She is a fat tabby Cat whose coat is covered with Tiger stripes and Leopard spots. Jennyanydots the Gumbie Cat.

10). LAN MCKELLEN: He is an English actor who played the role of "Gus" as in Asparagus the Theater Cat. He is old and frail yet a revered cat who suffers from Palsy which makes his paws to shake. Gus the Theater Cat.

11). JAMES CORDEN: James is an English actor, comedian, writer and television host. He played Bustopher Jones a bourgeois Cat who boast about his weight and shares food scraps from garbage. Bustopher Jones.

If you have seen this epic musical movie comment your best character and why you choose the person.

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