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Check out Top 12 funniest Bollywood Actors of All Times.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen.

It is very paramount to keep body and soul together, and this can be achieve by getting involve in those things that can lead to laughter and bring happiness at the end. Therefore, with me today are the funniest Bollywood actors based on Telugu movies.

India have a great sense of humor and its movie industry parades a whole, lot of star studded extremely hilarious actors. Bollywood is made up of so many comedians that would just keep the viewer entertained but also make the person laugh.

Below these articles are names and pictures of various comedians that make up Bollywood, kindly scroll down to see all.

12. Dhanraj

Dhanraj is a Telugu actor and comedian. He started his career in films with Teja's film, Jai. He use to affair in the Boss crew, but hide or ran away during gun fight.

11. Brahmaji

Brahmaji is also an Indian film actor and comedian best known for his work in the Telugu cinema industry. He appears mostly in Telugu movies, usually in the Boss crew.

10. Gundu Sudarshan

Gundu Sudarshan is an Indian comedian and actor, writer, and literature enthusiast from Andhra Pradesh. He acted in more than 350 films. Gundu Sudarshan is among my favorites, because of his bald head. I could recall one of his scenes where by a girl mistakenly pour a hot cofea on his head, I laughed so hard that tears can't manage to stay inside my eyes but to came out and join me (lol).

9. Sunil Varma

Sunil Varma is an Indian actor who works in the Telugu film industry too. His roles usually are to provide comic relief. He usually affair as the main actor best friend or in his crew.

8. Posani Krishna Murali

Posani Krishna Murali is an Indian screenwriter, actor, director and producer who primarily works in Telugu cinema. He worked as a writer for over 150 Telugu films and directed a number of films. If you are a fan of Telugu films you must to know the 62 years old actor for his comedy roles, usually affair as a Boss right handed person.

7.Bokkala Kishore Kumar

Bokkala Kishore Kumar, known professionally as Vennela Kishore, is a Tollywood actor. He is the main actor best friend. I love his scenes, because he is good at what he does. Is among the funniest.

6. Raghu karumanchi

Raghu Karumanchi is an Indian actor who predominantly appears in Telugu cinema as a comedian, and supporting actor. Even if are pissed off, watching this guy will make you laugh out loud. He is one of my favorite.

5. Yerra Raghu

Seeing raghu's face only makes laugh, talkless of watching his scenes. Yerra Raghu, known professionally as Raghu Babu, is a Telugu comedian well known for his comic expressions and timing. He is extremely funny.

4. Venu Madhav

Venu Madhav was an Indian film actor, television presenter, mimicry artist and comedian known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema, and few Tamil and Kannada films. Unfortunately this hero died on 25 Sep, 2019. Account to he passed away on 25 September after reportedly been admitted to a hospital in Secunderabad for suffering from a liver ailment. RIP Sir 😔

3. Ali Basha

Ali Basha is an Indian actor and TV presenter who works predominantly in Telugu cinema. He acted in more than 1000 films in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi. I know many of you knows his face, he is indeed the third most funniest comedian in Telugu movies. (He is popularly known as paparawo to Hausa people ).

2. M. S. Narayana

He is indeed second the most funniest comedian in Telugu movies, M. S. Narayana was a popular and highly respected comedian in Telugu films. Unfortunately He dies too. According to Wikipedia he died On 23 January 2015 due to multiple organ failure in Hyderabad. Rip Sir 😔.

1. Brahmanandam

Do i have to tell you he is the most funniest? Even if you don't watch Indian Telugu movies you most know some of his scenes going around in whatsApp statuses or social platforms as a whole. (Lol)

Kanneganti Brahmanandam, known mononymously as Brahmanandam, is an Indian film actor and comedian, known for his works predominantly in Telugu cinema. In Accordance to Wikipedia, he currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most screen credits for a living actor.

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